"You have deceived yourself…  Did you really think you’d be safe inside the castle?  Foolish…  Now that my power has been restored, there is no safe haven for you!  I have taken your precious Zelda.  And here, you shall fall into eternal slumber!"

"Are you ready?"

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"I must apologize.  I was in error.  I saw your clothing, and suddenly felt a longing for an age gone by…  That longing caused the ancient tongue to pass my lips."

"All right!  Fine!  Have it your way!  We can leave town tomorrow, you big babies."

"I’m so sorry to interrupt such a heartwarming reunion…"

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"You placed Farore’s Pearl in the ancient statue’s hands!"

"Did you forget?  That’s why Grandma has been waiting for you to come back to the house!  She’s been waiting for a while now…"

This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…

"I suppose that is only natural.  As wide as the world is, I am the only boat upon it who can speak the words of men.  I am the King of Red Lions.  Do no fear…  I am not your enemy."

"You are the true heir of the royal family of Hyrule…the last link to the bloodline.  You are Princess Zelda."