Zelda Timeline Grid Now Translated [Source]

To see the page in the book (for those who are still skeptical) watch this video, it should already go to the time, if not go to about 4:40 in. Note: video is in French.

Hyrule Historia Reveals the Zelda Timeline

There’s been a lot of buzz about the tell-all Hyrule compendium known as the Hyrule Historiaset to hit Japan Wednesday, but here’s a megaton that as Zelda theorizing enthusiasts we Zelda Informers just couldn’t pass up. Hyrule Historia is going to reveal the Zeldatimeline.

We don’t know all the full details, but the confirmation comes from the table of contents page, posted at left. The layout looks eerily similar to the Legends Timeline I’ve propagated for the last year-and-a-half, but without full details and thanks to the confusion caused by timeline splits laid out a linear fashion it’s hard to say for sure what it means. Jump inside for the translated Table of Contents and my thoughts.

The confirmation comes under the second sub-header, titled “History of Hyrule,” which purports to reveal the full chronology of the series. It’s pretty easy for longtime vets of the series to figure out what each of the sections is about, but it’s hard to say much about the finer details that aren’t explicitly laid out in these sections, such as the Four Sword games, which are notably not mentioned.

“The Legend of Gods and the Hero of Time” pretty clearly refers to the creation myth as well as the events of Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time; “The Downfall of Hyrule and the Last Hero” sounds like the flood story in The Wind Waker but given that the following section, “The Twilight Realm and the Hero’s Descendant,” clearly refers to Twilight Princess, it’s obvious that it must refer to something else – the classics, most likely, since in A Link to the Past Link is reportedly the last of the knights and the only one who can become the hero. Following the Twilight Princess chapter is a final section that introduces “The Hero of Wind and the New World,” or in other words The Wind Waker and its DS sequels.

Because the section for the classics falls between Ocarina of Time and the two primary sides of the split timeline in the chronology, it’s fairly obvious that there’s some kind of alternative storytelling going on here. Twilight Princess shows what happens after Ganondorf is captured on the Child Timeline, so the classic games can’t fall in-between, and if The Wind Waker were really meant to follow after then it should follow right after.

Those of you who’ve followed my Legends Timeline know that I’ve considered the classics as a sort of “alternate legend” that The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess sample but don’t concretely connect to plot-wise. From what I’m seeing, it looks like that idea might hold true! However, I’ll reserve judgment until we see the entire section translated in full.

Source: Hyrule Historia via GameFAQs 

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Nayru here! I was the one who responded to that last ask haha.

I just wanted to clarify, as I seemed to have left out a very important part of that answer: I believe in the split timeline theory too, and I was speaking specifically from the point of view of the childhood timeline! When you look at the adult timeline, Link continues on and the perspective of the events don’t change - everyone remembers Ganondorf and the Hero of Time saving Hyrule and all of that. It’s the pivotal point in the childhood timeline where Link comes back from the future that things get re-written, so to speak, for that specific timeline only. Sorry if that confused you a little bit! Like I said, I enjoy time travel theories and Zelda timeline theories, so I kind of jumped in excitedly without explaining which timeline I was even looking at lol.

Also, here’s some of the feedback about the timeline some of you sent in!

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