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I have a theory for OOT that, as I think on it more, may be really rather obvious. But it only just occurred to me in my most recent play-through, so maybe there are others out there with the same idea. Anyway. I was thinking; what if, in order to be awakened as a Sage, those called have to die a physical death? Before you enter the Forest Temple, if you talk to Saria she says that she went to investigate the Temple, but it was full of monsters. You don’t see her again until the Chamber of the Sages. With Darunia, he enters Volvagia’s chamber, and of course cannot defeat him. You don’t see Darunia again either. Ruto; you lose her in the Water Temple. Impa; she fails to re-seal the Shadow Temple. Nabooru; took a beating from you disguised as an Iron Knight, and was then attacked again by Koume and Kotake. See where I’m going with this?

So, if I’m the only one who hasn’t already realized this, I apologize for the obviousness of this question. But if not; what do you think?


Yeah, you know I’ve heard of it a couple times! I’ve never thought about it, if I’m honest. I really like the theory though? It has a bit of sense to it. I’ve always thought that they simply submitted their lives to guard their respected temple. I’m not certain that it’s required to die. However, in OoT they made it apparent that each went in to try and rid the temple of the bosses with no success, so I believe it’s…possible they could have? And their spirits took on the role of of a sage. Awaken doesn’t necessarily mean dead, and dwell doesn’t mean alive or dead. I think there’s not enough supported evidence on either side to know for certain. As I said though, I like the theory, (although it’s rather sad), I don’t think it should be ruled out completely. 

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Have you considered that Majora's Mask actually happens during the events of Ocarina of Time? Since the time frame of MM was only 3 days, it seems logical to assume that MM happened between the child events and the adult events of OoT and thus means it was technically not a sequal but a secondary story to happen within one universe?

I’ve seen the theories, but it’s only fun to think about, but there’s no factual evidence that it could take place during the time he was asleep in those 7 years. The biggest flaw is that it’s very plainly stated to be a (direct) SEQUEL. It’d be hard to say it was a dream AFTER he returned from the past for the final time, and that he’s searching for Navi because she left after her mission was done. Was her mission done during the time he was sleeping? No. I find more convincing theories that it’s simply a dream (as long as it’s after OoT and that’s already a stretch for me as I don’t fully believe it), but I will never be convinced it was during the 7 year gap (the official timeline goes against that). If that were true it would mean it wasn’t a sequel, and it’s been confirmed as a direct sequel, so that completely debunks the idea. It takes place after Link is sent back in time for the last time, and is on the child timeline, that much is obvious.


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This might need a cont.. But Hello! First, I love your blog! You peeps are amazing! Second, I never really express my theory because everyone is set in theirs, but I just wanted to share. I think since Link isn't Kokiri, he goes into the woods looking for Navi but gets lost and we know what happens to kids that get lost in the woods. I think Majoras Mask is just Link's mind (OoT was a lot for a kid to handle) coping with losing a friend and turning to a skull kid. It's why everything is almost..

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a dream. Why it’s so parallel to Hyrule. I know this is a design ‘flaw’ but it also helps that all the characters are the same as OoT but Link doesn’t realize that.. Its how i explain the start of the game being almost lie the end of it. Its like a psychological kind of thing for me. Haha I ruined my childhood realizing this so I’m sorry I know it’s a little dark of a theory. I just wanted to share and people that wanna talk about it can talk to me I love talking Zelda :3 thank you :3

The message that generated this entire topic (I explain I don’t think Link turned into a stalfos)! Check our posts from today for the others!

Well, thank you! I understand not being outspoken with theories and opinions, no worries, glad you want to share with us though! Mmm this is a widely speculated one and I know many don’t believe it. I like the theory and it has some sense to it (the whole Alice In Wonderland, Wizard of Oz way. Which, is one of the ways theorist who support this theory have used in comparisons), it could work if it were canon, but I haven’t been convinced of it yet. I’m guessing you already saw the previous reply I made to an anon where I state I don’t think Link was dead in the beginning. Now if it’s dreaming there’s flaws. It’s too lucid to be a dream and to sleep for that long (even if dreams seem longer than the time given). Would being confirmed it’s a parallel land go against it being a dream, I’m not sure. (I’m not at liberty to answer or dispel that, I don’t know the minds of the creators), unless you argue that it’s a parallel land because he dreamed it up. So continuing that route, yes there’s counterparts of characters that we see in OoT it’s easy enough to say he dreamed them up, but how about all the others, how did he think them up since they’re not from people he’s encountered priorly? The days, the reverse song of time - going back and repeating them over and over…if it’s a dream, would you be rewinding the dream too? If yes, and that’s happening real time to Link, that’s impossible in sleep state, and if it just adds more days to him being asleep, he’d eventually die or wake up on is own since he wasn’t put to sleep, you know? Those who think parallel land = dream, I believe they’re different. I get where people are coming from, and some think it was from Skull Kid’s mind? But a flaw in that, is how can Link enter the thoughts of Skull Kid? I’m personally under the impression that parallel land is just that, not a dream. If it’s a dream, Link can’t really travel there then, correct? Correct, meaning then, the events never happened, and something about that doesn’t settle well with me. Link couldn’t have physically travelled somewhere dreamt up, even if you’re arguing that the parallel world/land existed only in his mind. However, if you believe he fell somewhere, and it led to a different dimension, then yes, that’s plausible for a fictional game. Sorry if I’m contradiction myself in anyway (I’m really all over the place), I’m trying to stay as unbiased as possible because I genuinely enjoy the theory, I can get into the understanding of it, how people come to their conclusions, it’s creative. I just don’t fall into the category that believe it.

True enough there’s enough evidence, or creativity, speculation on either end. What I really honestly believe though (confirmed parallel talk aside) Aonuma intended it to be slightly left to be interpreted how you want to. Whatever you believe, either conclusion really doesn’t matter or take away from the overall emotion the game presents, which is what matters most. I feel like since they went out to say it’s parallel, if it were also a dream, they would have stated it, but since they haven’t, it’s how you want to determine it, and that’s perfectly fine.


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Hey, I was reading your last ask about navi and the lost woods and everything and wanted to see if I could put in my input for I have my own theory. One day earlier this year I was in my old gaming droor and came across the manuals for MM and OoT and looked at their maps and was quite amazed! You see, The Hyrule from OoT is clearly in a large valley with no ocean in site, completely closed in by mountains, except for the top left corner which is woods and open. (continued due to no letters left

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Anyway, MM’s map has a lush forest in the bottom right corner leading somewhere and yet besides clearly starting there due to it being the only true forest on the map, it is never mentioned again. As well, the top of the map is clearly very north(which would make sense as to why there was no snow in OoT if it was inland of the continent), and the ocean runs along the side. The way I see it, Link went searching for Navi and while traveling through this new forest ugh another ask I guess..

minishvaatidancepaati asked you: 
(clearly this forest wasn’t the lost woods because it was much larger and different looking, the lost woods were confusing, not large.) Anyway, he left what I will call central Hyrule and exited the valley and ended up in a new country neighbouring it. By the maps they hint at them being the same continent by previously stated landmarks. As well, in previous Zelda games, it shows that the main Hyrule is a country on a massive continent, And by comparing, OoT is just the center of it. Thanks.

For anyone who missed it earlier this morning: Original messages from a couple of anon’s here and here!

I’ve always been convinced it was the Lost Woods, (not to mention the opening with Link searching for Navi is really just a way to get Link to Terminia). And Terminia has been plainly stated to be a parallel world. So I don’t think maps are really connecting the worlds since it’s parallel, you know? That what you’re stating, the woods are the same one that connect is completely true (not that I can completely debunk this). I think the only connection is the Lost Woods. It needs to be remembered that the Lost Woods holds doorways to other parts of Hyrule. The Lost Woods isn’t necessarily kept to keep people in, but to keep people out of Kokiri Forest. Link traveled into the Lost Woods in search of Navi where he encounters Skull Kid and the chase ensues, where he fell through the hole, even though this is still just theory, it’s what I believe. Yes the Lost Woods were confusing and maybe not extremely large, but I think large enough that there’s plenty left unexplored by Link, which could very well be where he was wondering around at the beginning of Majora’s Mask, which could explain why it’s different looking.  So your theory is interesting, but still the fact remains it’s a parallel world, now whether that means he fell down a hole, or he stumbled into Termina some different way, I don’t think the maps are supposed to connect. I think of it as flipping Hyrule upside down almost.


Anonymous asked:
Thanks for answering my last question. I love your theories! I have to say though I oddly like how it's left open so we can all make our own ideas. Another random question, why would say the Song of Time taking you back in time only applies to Clock Town [I also think the name is so perfect since you're resetting the clock]? If he was looking for Navi and got lost, he could have just reset the time, but it seems like that's not probable.

Of course! And again, thank you! I was actually going to bring up your last point in my previous reply, but decided to leave it out, so I’m glad you bring it up! It would make sense that he could have done that, but he didn’t. I would say that it’s not so much the Ocarina wasn’t capable of resetting time in OoT, the song obviously has more than one capability, that much is clear, it just wasn’t touched on. I think it’s more of, in Ocarina of Time the storyline isn’t set in days like it is in Majora’s Mask where time is a major factor. Just day and night, so it’s not really necessary to reset time, you know?


Anonymous asked:
I really liked your opinions on Link and Navi in MM, but it just made me wonder how do you know that he was in the Lost Woods? Sorry I just don't remember that being mentioned. I just ask because it seems strange for Zelda to give him the Ocarina of Time to go to a place he frequented often as a kid. Or on that note do you think we went there with Saria before Navi came? Sorry for so many questions! You just made me think.

For anyone who missed the original question, you can find it here.

Thank you! I suppose it’s just assumed that’s where he’d go searching for Navi? Sure it could be any other old forest, but it makes most sense it’s the Lost Woods. I always thought it made sense that since Navi’s mission was complete that she’d return to at least the Kokiri Forest, and then beyond. Honestly, it’d be the first place I’d think she’d go. Some theorists believe the window Navi flew out of was the Sacred Realm, or Faron Woods, but there’s flaws with that and major stretches to make it fit. For your other question asking why Zelda would give him the ocarina of time to go to a place he frequented often, it was a memento, but if he’s a child reclaiming his lost years, he hasn’t traveled through that adult period, and therefore wouldn’t know the capabilities of the ocarina. Which is why in Majora’s Mask there’s the flashback, he remembers the Song of Time, but that’s it, as she retaught Link that at the end of OoT, the rest are (re)learned or new songs. Also, she never sent him to go there. He went there willingly to search for Navi. And following along with the child timeline, Link was sent back before he ever went to the Lost Woods (meaning, he didn’t meet Saria in the Lost Woods, he did that after his encounter with Zelda). Could be a reason he was unfamiliar with the place? Technically speaking, he wouldn’t have ventured there at that point. And for your last question. No, I don’t think prior to Navi coming along Link ever stepped foot inside the Lost Woods.

One of the Kokiri says, “Saria said she’s waiting at the usual spot.” But I think that indicates everyone knows that she goes into the Lost Woods.

Then Mido says, “If you’re looking for Saria, she’s in the Lost Woods, as usual. Don’t tell me you don’t know where that is! The entrance is up on the cliff overlooking the village!” I think this can indicate that he’s being sarcastic because everyone knows where it is, but still why would he need to tell Link where the entrance is (eliminating the fact that it’s probably pointed out more for the player).

And lastly, Saria says, “I’ve been waiting for you, Link! This is the Sacred Forest Meadow. It’s my secret place!” If Link had gone there to find her, or visited the place with her previously, why would she state the obvious to Link that it’s her secret place. I think it sort of speaks for itself that he’s never been there before that point.


Anonymous asked:
Do you think Link ever found Navi?

Disclaimer: Everything I express below is purely my opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, just don’t be rude about expressing your opinion because you believe something else. Thanks.

To answer blunt and to the point: No.

To answer in-depth: 
The first thing to be asked is, do I think Link was searching for Navi in the Lost Woods? Absolutely. I never considered him searching for anyone else even though there’s other interesting theories. Plus why have the fairy noise? Hyrule Historia confirms this, as does the Majora’s Mask manga. It’s just not fully cannon in the series, and more so left up to what you interpret.

Next I guess is to ask do I think Link is dead (or dreaming) during the game play of Majora’s Mask like some people theorize. I like that theory, but I don’t think he’s dead at that point (I’ll pick back up on this later). Why? Because he was interrupted on this journey by Skull Kid with Tatl and Tael. He didn’t get lost because he was chasing after them, he wasn’t completely without a fairy in the woods at that point, even if at the time Tatl wasn’t his guide.

Once you finish and at the end of Majora’s Mask, Link goes back on his mission to find Navi. I unfortunately don’t believe he found her. Plus I believe that there’s a small sort of proof, since each game is a different Link, every new Link and every Link to come don’t know Navi, I know it’s a stretch, but it’s true. The only thing close we have to Navi is the blue fairy cursor in Twilight Princess that resembles Navi, that’s it, the cursor obviously has no affect on the storyline (which is no indication whatsoever that she was found as that fairy isn’t functional or used as a guide). I think he did eventually get lost because he didn’t have a fairy at the end of Majora’s Mask and let’s all remember the quote, “They say that when non-fairy folk enter the Lost Woods they become monsters!” However, with Hyrule Historia to confirm that Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess is the Hero of Time from OoT/MM, which makes sense with the official timeline and the fact that Twilight Princess exists on the only timeline in which the Hero of Time survives, it’s kind of hard to conclude what became of Link between that point and Hero’s Shade appearance (I once thought and liked the theory that Link may have become a stalfos) in Twilight Princess as the Hero’s Shade isn’t a stalfos but rather a spiritual manifestation. However, I believe this gives reason to assume the Hero’s Shade regrets never passing his knowledge on, because why? He was unable to get out of the woods? Who can say.

I think it’s left up to the player to decide ultimately? I do know for certain that the vast majority believe, no, he never found Navi. Sorry I went off on multiple things, but I felt it necessary to go deeper into, did Link escape the Lost Woods or no? If he didn’t, it’s obvious he didn’t find Navi, if he did find her would she even have returned with him, her mission was complete, you know?

Thanks for sticking with me, I know I rambled. Hope it helped. Remember debate and discussion is fine, I’m very open-minded and able to understand other views and why people believe in them, but there’s no need to be harsh about things if you disagree, or if I answered this “incorrectly” and there’s more facts that I may have missed out on. This is my opinion.


Kafei theory discussion topic

There seems to be a problem with tumblr and posts not posting (from the queue) so our apologies in advance. 

While I have many peoples attention, how about a quick theory quesion!

What is your opinion on Kafei being the son of the soldier in Kakariko Village guarding the gate to Death Mountain that you give the Keaton Mask to in Ocarina of Time? As Kafei is only present in Majora’s Mask, wearing the Keaton mask, it’s a plausible idea. One I’ve thought about before, and one that I’m sure has been mentioned before in various other places, and one that I’ve recently seen someone ask fuckyeahhyrule in his latest mailbag video that’s reminded me of it.

However yes, it’s mentioned that Kafei is the Mayor’s son, I’ve still seen speculation of the connection between the two games.

What are your thoughts about this theory though? Has it ever occurred to you that this could be a possibility? Share your views! Obviously, there’s no way of confirmation, but no answer is right or wrong!


Zelda Dungeon posted a really neat theory article today


It discusses theory behind the Ikana region of Termina in Majoras Mask, and how similar it is to Hyrule. Axle talks about how Ikana is basically the Hyrule of Termina.

Check it. 

Eye of truth in Skyward Sword?? from matthew simmons on Vimeo.

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Hey guys. So I made a video response to the photo of the “eye of truth” in Skyward Sword. I thought you’d be interested in hearing my thoughts. If you agree with me, I’d love to see you post this! Thanks ladies. (sorry Im not wearing a shirt, it was a spur of the moment thing -_-)

Matt, Fuckyeahhyrule

Theory on OoT/MM/TP

Submitted by fuckyeahjonathanpainter

I have seen a lot of really good Zelda theories. But, I’ve never seen one that connects the games very well. Here’s my theories on how the games connect and random other theories in each game. Some of the theories are my own, some are theories I’ve found that I believe.

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Dragon Roost Island and Death Mountain

  • It is believed that Dragon Roost Island, an island in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, is Death Mountain. Prior to the events of The Wind Waker, most of Hyrule was flooded and buried at the bottom of what came to be known as the Great Sea. However, the tall Death Mountain managed to stay above water. Gorons have long since left their traditional dwelling, disguising themselves as Traveling Merchants. Instead, the Rito race, a race confirmed to be descendants of the Zora, live here in dwellings cut into Dragon Roost Mountain. The first dungeon, Dragon Roost Cavern, is believed to be Dodongo’s Cavern. Dragon Roost Island is not an active volcano like Death Mountain, but there is a small volcano directly south of it called Fire Mountain.

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The parable of the poor man and the wealthy man refers to the relationship between Ganondorf and the King of Hyrule. Maggie’s father represents Ganondorf, the pitiable being struggling to keep his people alive in a harsh desert. And Mila’s father represents Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the wealthy king living in a land of prosperity.

The transformation of the two fathers foreshadows the outcome of the conflict between Ganondorf and Daphnes. When glorious treasure falls into the hands of Maggie’s father, he becomes a selfish miser. And as the pitiable Ganondorf prepares to touch the Triforce, his choice of words betrays the sort of inner character he is about to reveal:

Give Hyrule to me!!!

Money, money, money… Grah ha ha ha ha ha HAR!
—Maggie’s Father

The King of Hyrule then stands in Ganondorf’s way and wishes for the ending of Hyrule. Though he loves his lost kingdom, Daphnes releases it so that the children, Link and Tetra, may build a new future in its stead.

Hope! I desire hope for these children! Give them a future!
—The King of Hyrule

A daughter is more important than money.
—Mila’s Father

When they cast away the great treasure, Mila’s father and the King of Hyrule find the courage to face the future. Mila’s father confronts his new life of poverty, and the king accepts his death.

This parable does present a rather troubling pattern: unfortunate characters like Ganondorf and Maggie’s father come across worse than those lucky enough to know more comfortable lives. This pattern extends to Tetra and her crew as well – likable as they may be, they bleed Mila’s father dry for no reason but their own selfishness. Perhaps this is one of the perils of the life of a sailor. People need sources of comfort and strength, and too much time on the empty seas might harden one’s heart.

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Windfall Island and Kakariko Village

  • The Ferris Wheel and the nearby location of Dragon Roost Island, which is speculated to be Death Mountain, and Spectacle Isle, thought to be Spectacle Rock, has led players to the conclusion that Windfall Island is possibly what remains of Kakariko Village.
    Other supporting evidence includes that, when entering Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time, there is a tree in front of the entrance. Coincidentally, there is also a tree on Windfall Island just outside the town entrance. Maggie’s Father and later, Mila’s Father stand under this tree, much like how Mutoh stands in front of a tree in Ocarina of Time. Also, the Hero’s Charm is obtained at Windfall; the eyes on this item resemble Sheikah Symbols, and Kakariko was once a Sheikah village. Since Impa’s home is one of the only buildings in Kakariko Village, it may now be Lenzo’s home or Mila’s home if Windfall Island is indeed Kakariko Village. The Windmill, used to draw the water from the well, may now be the Ferris Wheel. Finally, the music that plays on Windfall Island has several similarities to Kakariko Village’s music.

  • The remains of the graveyard in Kakariko Village are also possibly located on Windfall Island: there is one remaining grave, which is the tombstone that Tott continuously dances in front of. It is possible that there used to be more graves, but since the tombstone is located at the tip of a slightly uneven cliff, the rest of the graveyard may actually be underwater due to erosion and weathering of the cliff. It should also be noted that this tombstone contains the directions to the Song of Passing, a song with similar powers of the Sun’s Song, hinting that it is either the tombstone of the Composer Brothers or that of the Royal Family’s Tomb.

Anonymous asked:
"The three transformation masks represent Link’s anxieties. When he plays the Song of Healing, he heals not the “spirits trapped in the masks” but his own psychological wounds.

The Deku Mask represents his anxieties as a child. It is made apparent in the first game that Link was something of a freak in Kokiri Village, as he was the only child without a fairy. When Link is first transformed into a Deku Scrub, he is haunted by visions of harrassment and hatred from other Deku children. To remove his mask, he must successfully join the Bombers and overcome his outcast status, thus conquering his fears of marginalization.

The Goron Mask represents Link’s failures as a hero. Anyone who has played through OOT will realize that Link’s victory is pyrrhic at best. The triforce is fractured, his childhood companions are gone, and Link is sent back in time, all traces of his heroism destroyed. Darmani’s death mirror’s Darunia’s absorption into the Fire Temple in OOT. Like Darunia, Darmani fails to do anything to save his village, and like Darunia, Darmani’s death serves to facilitate Link’s ascendancy. When Link heals Darmani’s spirit, he is given a vision of a hero’s welcome back to the village, a welcome that Link was and will never be given.

The Zora mask represents Link’s inability to be a good mate. Link is given a LOT of female attention throughout the first game, and yet all relationships are for various tragic reasons unconsummated. When we meet Mikau, he is anguished over his inability to protect his girlfriend’s eggs from the pirates. When Link heals his spirit, he is once again reunited with his mate and takes his place as the breeding (alpha) male of his band(pack).

The Deity mask represents Link’s attainment of ubermensch status. He has destroyed all his foes, dispensed with all existential deceptions (represented by the masks), and conquered his own fear of loneliness.The mask has put him beyond the reach of all other power and thus good and evil itself."

what do you think of this mm theory?

I personally love that theory. There are so many theories about what each of the masks and places in Majora’s represent, and I enjoy them all. It’s kind of funny because I first played this when it came out and I was nine, and I took everything for how it is. I appreciate all of this game so much more with all of these theories, and this one is one of them that I really really enjoy. Thanks!