Kafei theory discussion topic

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While I have many peoples attention, how about a quick theory quesion!

What is your opinion on Kafei being the son of the soldier in Kakariko Village guarding the gate to Death Mountain that you give the Keaton Mask to in Ocarina of Time? As Kafei is only present in Majora’s Mask, wearing the Keaton mask, it’s a plausible idea. One I’ve thought about before, and one that I’m sure has been mentioned before in various other places, and one that I’ve recently seen someone ask fuckyeahhyrule in his latest mailbag video that’s reminded me of it.

However yes, it’s mentioned that Kafei is the Mayor’s son, I’ve still seen speculation of the connection between the two games.

What are your thoughts about this theory though? Has it ever occurred to you that this could be a possibility? Share your views! Obviously, there’s no way of confirmation, but no answer is right or wrong!


Zelda Dungeon posted a really neat theory article today


It discusses theory behind the Ikana region of Termina in Majoras Mask, and how similar it is to Hyrule. Axle talks about how Ikana is basically the Hyrule of Termina.

Check it. 

Hyrulian History, a really good fanmade retelling

Submitted by mandyponderosa

I found this a while ago and kept meaning to submit it. Even though its most likely fanmade, I think its better than some of the canon histories. Enjoy.


Gossip Stone Theory
“Hey, how about those Gossip Stones? And that Mask of Truth? It seems that Gossip Stones are used as time-telling devices, but why are there so many of them hidden in secret grotoes around Hyrule? It’s the equivelent of taking a clock, throwing it in a hole, and leaving it there. Well, this probably also has something to do with the war. Along with hiding their treasures in underground caves, people probably hid themselves in them too, to escape from the violence. They brought Gossip Stones in with them as a means to tell time. There are, indeed, Gossip Stones in some of the oddest places. Of course, people weren’t just going on vacation here. They were hiding from a war, so they would go anywhere. That means on top of unscalable cliffs, or wherever. Oh, and these people needed someone to talk to while they were sitting alone in a cramped hole for a few months, so they brought Masks of Truth (These were probably made in mass quantities at the time) to talk to the Gossip Stones. Also, notice how something weird happens when you plant a bomb near a Gossip Stone? It glows blue for a few moments and then shoots off like a rocket. Chances are, this was used as a distress signal. If there was something wrong, you could shoot off your Gossip Stone and people would come running.”

At last, the skills I have to teach you have entered the realm of
true secrecy. They are forgotten ways that do not leave our bloodline.

Some Zelda Theorists believe that the Hero’s Shade is the spirit of the Hero of Time, Link from Ocarina of Time. Clickthrough picture to go to the Zeldawiki page and read basic theory points.