My Zelda obsession and tattoos continue!

Ocarina of Time Gerudo training center eye switch.


Got this sweet Link bust done at Stay True Tattoo in Sedalia, Missouri. Done by my friend and personal tattoo artist, Josh.

Ah God, he turned out so greaaaat~! I really love this piece to bits! It’s Link, but very traditional in a tattoo sense. It makes me very happy to finally have one of my very favorite video game characters on me!


Newest tattoo to the collection.

Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Done on January 5th by Ryan Nutini at Tattoopalooza in Miami, Florida.
About 3 hours in one sitting.

I gave Ryan complete freedom to do whatever he wanted with the design.


Just got this on my leg ITS AWESOME!!!

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I became a goddess hehe

the-savior-of-hyrule submitted

"You are the Hero chosen by the Gods" My Ancient Hylian translated tattoo :D


I do not recommend foot tattoos if you don’t want to cry a little.

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I’d like to share my first tattoo, this Triforce with all my fellow LOZ fans. It was painful, but worth it.