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This is how I recently asked out my girlfriend to prom :3

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NEW Rito Delivery Crossbody Messenger Bags!

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It’s way better than Guinness. Rumor has it, it will fill 4 of your heart containers, but don’t injure yourself to find out.

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"Illuminated Mosaic LEGO Legend of Zelda Portrait/Lamp" by Baron von Brunk. Check out the tutorial on Instructables, so you can build your own!

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46 Link Iterations!

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1 of 5

Links! I have the next version of my Link iterations about done! So I’ll be posting them in groups as I finish up the color. There are descriptions of each on my blog and you can purchase the final 12x18 print when I post the last group shot! Thanks guys

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Legend of Zelda Playing Cards - Up for sale now!!

You can buy the cards at my storenvy shop here

You can also buy prints, posters, phone cases, t-shirts, etc featuring these designs at my redbubble shop here

Thanks for any all and all support, and if you like these designs be sure to share them with your friends! 

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happy vday! <3

So, my boyfriend made it for me, and I’d like to share it with all Zelda fans (:

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How to make real Maiamai! Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Worlds

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My Rendition of the Song of Healing :3

I hope you like it!

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Updated my shop with a new item! Chateau Romani: Vintage Milk


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I became a goddess hehe

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"You are the Hero chosen by the Gods" My Ancient Hylian translated tattoo :D