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For anyone that’s beaten The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword this place is a must to visit. It’s the worlds largest salt flats, in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. In the right times and seasons the vast desert becomes a beautiful mirror reflecting the sky. Perfect for reliving the final fight in Skyward Sword. 

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. 

clever-url-pun asked:
I have yet to finish SS. i was at the first trial and got all the tears after countless tries, and as i'm running back, i accidentally run into a dead end. that happened a month ago, i was so angry i haven't even tried to tackle it again.. I've been doing mostly sidequests. how many tries did it take you guys?

Nayru - SO MANY TIMES haha. Ummmm…Farore’s took me two tries, Nayru’s only took me one, but Din’s took me seven lmao

Farore – Farore’s took me twice, if I remember. The first time I couldn’t see one of the tears and so it began, I got it right the second time around. Nayru’s took me once, and Din’s took me maybe three times.

Din – Those places are my ‘Nam don’t ask me about them (all of them took me ~1-3 times once I got over my ajsdkladj)

Anonymous asked:
What do you think was the best Groose moment in SS? Personally, him skydiving into Link was my favourite and dubbing Faron Woods 'Grooseland', aha.

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egwmusic asked:
What you guys think of Ghirahim? I know some were skeptical over his flamboyance but I loved that part of his personality. Especially because his flamboyance really makes his rage & sadism a bit unxpected.

I’m pretty sure that all three of us here at fuckyeahlink loved Ghirahim. Din here, and I loved his sass and characterization. It was a change from the usual you get in Zelda characters. For instance, I really liked Zant in Twilight Princess and his characterization, but then felt it fell short. Ghirahim to me didn’t feel like he fell short. At all. His sadism spoken in the same line as rainbows and frowns made me crack up through the whole game. 

Overall, yes. Great character yes good.

lots-of-planets-have-a-north asked:
'Kay, I've been pondering this since finishing Skyward Sword. You know that as Demise awaits in his personal arena in the past, Link is able to return to Skyloft to update his gear or buy potions for the oncoming battle. To do all this, he must return to the future. But my question is: how is he able to return to his normal future when the past has been altered by the resurrection of Demise? His future should've been chaos by then, considering that in his future, Demise was always sealed away.

Time travel is generally a tricky subject, but I do agree with your last statement based on my own personal beliefs of how time travel works. Basically, since the present is safe, Demise’s fate had been sealed from the beginning of the game, because they defeated Demise in the past, thus killing off any chance of him in the future. The only thing that’s shaky in theory then is how did The Imprisoned come to exist in the present? Because if we already killed Demise off in the past, there should be no existence of him left in the present for us to fight? Unless The Imprisoned represents Demise being sealed away/imprisoned in a weak form, which would create a stable time loop and seems viable for what actually happened.


I have a very hard time getting into some of these temples in Skyward Sword…

The key’s shape changes in every panel. So does the key hole.

EDIT: Ugh forgot that tumblr has crappy viewing size limitations. :T Click-through for legible image.

Legend of Zelda © Nintendo/Shigeru Miyamoto

dylanharbour asked:
I just finished SS and was a little let down by the final battle against Demise. Did any of you feel the same way?

I actually kind of did! I think it’s because I got the Hylian Shield first, which makes the battle against him a LOT easier. Also, I feel like Demise wasn’t really that well developed as the ultimate villain. We spent most of the game following and trying to beat Ghirahim, and while we knew this time that he wasn’t the main baddie and that he was trying to revive his master, I still see him as the villain in this game. I mean, we fought him three times and he had a ton of characterization, whereas Demise shows up, says a few taunting lines, and has one battle with two phases that are made much easier by having a shield that you don’t have to worry about breaking lol.

I mean i guess you could argue that Demise does has some sort of story, because of your battles with The Imprisoned and all of that, and don’t get me wrong, I do really enjoy the structure of this game…I guess I just felt his part of the end was a little lacking? It’s hard to describe.



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lerenien-sei asked:
How high do you three think is the chance that Skyward Sword will get a sequel? I mean something like Majoras Mask. I thought that the ending of the game was quite... open. I would love to know how Demise broke the seal and the whole "Ganon-thing" started. Or is it just me who think that?

Din - A sequel is possible, but I don’t see it happening? It’d be rather interesting; I’d love all of the plot holes to be completely filled in and know every single detail of Hyrule and the separate worlds. But that’s not something I expect. If they did a sequel with Demise breaking the seal, well, that’s very much a Zelda trope. You know? I have loved every Zelda where Ganondorf comes/breaks/etc. from _______ and tries to take over the world, but it’s very much a Zelda trope. I’ve read that they’re considering going a new route with Zelda, and breathing new life into the series doesn’t sound like a sequel to me. 

Farore – I have to agree with Din on this one, she actually stole the words out of my mouth. I would love the idea of a sequel and looking forward to another Zelda game. But as Din said, I too have read that they’re considering going a different route with the series, and now that Shigeru Miyamoto is stepping down, I can’t see a big Zelda sequel going on at this time. It would be interesting though and make for a great new story that fills in the rest of the plot holes. But no, I don’t think that you’re the only one who thinks this.

Nayru - Okay well I literally JUST finished this game (the credits are still rolling lol) so uh I haven’t had much time to think about it but I agree with what the other two said for the most part, as well as you in general. I would like to see the connection made between Ganon and Demise’s power, and I also wanna know how evil can be sealed away within the Master Sword given that it is purely good and it expels all evil and only purehearted people can wield it. Though I have some theories about that too (mainly that it took it in and then given that it was a pure sword it was forced to destroy the power/seal it away forever which is what Fi was for). But at the same time I like how open it is and how you can interpret the power coming back however you want, or you can just assume that Ganon came back through a power from a completely different source (I always thought it was Din’s power before and Ganon just had a corrupt heart/got power hungry, but this ending opens the door for a bunch of new theories!). But yeah I don’t know…my feelings are all over the place right now haha but personally I don’t think I’d really want a direct sequel to Skyward Sword, because I feel it sets up the timeline quite well, actually, and gives way to all the other heroes of legend (especially when Link put the Master Sword back in its pedestal that’s where I lost it because the connection was so beautiful haha). And Skyward Sword’s story, while open-ended, definitely feels finished, and I’d rather have a more side story of what happened in the form of books rather than another game (which apparently Akira Himekawa is doing an SS manga so there you go!). That…basically sums it up (also the credits are done and there’s more story ahh! Gotta go watch now :D) lol.

Nintendo Will Fix Your Broken Skyward Sword Save


Did your game suddenly spaz when you did the Song of the Hero quest? Then you’ve probably heard of the game-breaking bug already, if not from experience, then from the internet. It occurs when you play a song out of certain order that leaves Link stuck in position and kills your game save.

Nintendo has acknowledged this and offers two solutions and only one is available right now. The only option for users at this moment is to send your SD card or Wii to Nintendo (they’ll pay for shipping), but it takes about a week before you can get your hardware back.

A new announcement is for you to hook up your Wii to the internet and Nintendo will release a program to download that fixes broken save games. It hasn’t been released yet, however, and it’s unknown when it will be released.

We’ve gotten a few questions about this, so here is a possible answer, in case any of you had this happen!