Redead Cosplay 2012 by *chairitsu


I made 4 doodles like this, but these are my 2 favorites. I wanted to make scary things from OoT adorable.






stick it to em’ Link!

Ocarina redeads are scarier

I beg to differ

wind waker redeads maybe :P

Twilight redeads are so detailed and disgusting and eerie and just 192949 times creepier.

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Post-Apocalypse Zelda, Part 1

Something of a personal project, I’ve wanted to do a sort of Future Zelda for some time now, and school tossed this assignment my way: redesign an old video game.

I’ve always wondered what Hyrule would be like in some strange, parallel, bombed out universe, and this is my exploration into that land over the course of 7 weeks. This is part 1 of 2 parts, showing the various character and monster designs I decided to work with. Part 2 will contain more developmental pieces, including some of the environments and props.

Some notes:

For the most part, I tried to stay true to the already established universe, keeping in mind certain mechanics and plot points. Deciding on the enemy selection was difficult: there are many, many signature enemies in the games, and I would have liked to work with all of them. In the end I settled on enemies that had the most impact on me, either through nostalgia (like the Octorok) or gameplay experience (Redeads).

If you’ve got any questions, whether in general or on specific pieces, criticisms, or are curious on my thought process, feel free to drop me a message.


part one of my new what if wind waker had different storytelling series: redeads fuck shit up in the earth temple aka hell on earth only second to the wind temple

The Earth Temple by ~PhantomMarbles


25 Years by ~TheCuraga

Link sure is in a predicament.

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A little something I made. Enjoy!

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Their curse is they love too much.

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