“Kid, let me thank you. Heheheh… look what the little kid has become in the past seven years— a competent swordsman! By the way… I really messed up… I was brainwashed by those old witches and used by Ganondorf to do his evil will… But isn’t that funny? That a person like me could turn out to be the Sage of Spirit! And now, I’m going to fight them as one of the six Sages! Heh heh… I’m going to pay them back for what they did to me! Kid… No… Link, the Hero of Time! Instead of keeping my promise I made back then, I give you this Medallion!” — Nabooru (via noerbmu)

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But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand… a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the Blade of Evil’s Bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light…

“To return true light to this land, you must seal the doors of Stone Tower where the winds of darkness blow through. But Stone Tower is an impenetrable stronghold. Hundreds of soldiers from my kingdom would not even be able to topple it. It is far too reckless for one to take on such a challenge. …And so… I grant to you a soldier who has no heart. One who will not falter in the darkness.” — Igos Du Ikana, Majora’s Mask

“One day, Vaati took a hat I made for the humans — my pride and joy. It granted the wishes of its wearer. He put it on without permission…” — Ezlo (The Minish Cap)


“A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever.”  -Shigeru Miyamoto


“Actually, when I see you, I am reminded of my son who left home long ago… Somehow, I feel as if I am once again racing with my son… I am afraid I may have tried too hard to outrun you. As old as I am, I am still a fast competitor. Just like when I raced my son… Please forgive my rudeness.”
— Deku Butler

I will wait for you here. That’s what princesses have always done. From what I understand, it’s kind of a family tradition.

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A Terrible Fate (by Thomas)

“I was once a famous sage and a renowned Minish craftsman. Vaati was only a boy when I took him on as my apprentice. But…he became enchanted by the wickedness in the hearts of men.” — Ezlo (via thewindmage)

“Volvagia. It’s the Boss of the Fire Temple, revived by the Evil King. I don’t know its weak point…” — Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

“Tell me… Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it’s the only time when our world intersects with theirs… The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world. That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight…” — Rusl, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Submitted by soul-lyn)


What’s the matter, mister? Why are you looking at us like we’re aliens or something weird like that? …WHAT?! We’re GOOD girls! We don’t spread rumors! Yippeeee! We’re the Little Tipsters! Everyone in town calls us that! I wonder what that means, anyway? …Maybe when we get bigger we’ll finally figure it out, huh?
— Potova and Joanna

“Hey… Y’know what my dad says? He says, “The loneliest fish grow largest.” You think that means Ralis is meant to be alone for now?” — Beth, Twilight Princess