optimisticpessimism asked:
Do you think Nintendo will do the same thing for Majora's Mask (and possibly some of the other older Zelda games, like Wind Waker) that they did for Ocarina of Time and redevelop them for the 3DS, or recreate them entirely for the upcoming Wii-U?

We can’t be 100% positive at the moment. We know there’s been the rumor about Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. As for the other games, it would be cool if the got recreated for other platforms, but at the same time I don’t completely see the point because many already own the games and the systems they play on. However, I have no doubt it they are recreated that people will get them regardless. I don’t see it happening unless they have no new games for the Wii-U and have to only resort to vamping up old games, which just seems like they’re trying to milk everything out. I can see why they would though at the same time. Because not everyone does have the old games and systems, so for some that would buy these they’d like to have the games, etc. We’ll see I guess?