Hyrule Warriors; Ganondorf DLC Icons (+ HW Ganondorf)

Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim Icons requested by runesphere

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Hyrule Warriors iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds requested by anonymous

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The Legend of Zelda Tumblr Headers 

(Not included:  The Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle series, and Four Swords)

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"Illuminated Mosaic LEGO Legend of Zelda Portrait/Lamp" by Baron von Brunk. Check out the tutorial on Instructables, so you can build your own!

Using the same design principles of my Nintendo World Mosaic from fall 2013, in conjunction with my mosaic “Lite Brite” mood lamps from December, I’ve combined both ideas and created a flat mosaic sprite portrait with hollow innards lined with bright LED strips! The light from the LEDs illuminate the colored LEGO dots plugged into a mosaic grid of Technic bricks, thus mimicking a “Lite Brite” effect. Each LED strip is soldered into a series circuit with 24 gauge wires, then connected to a switch and a female DC adapter plug. The grid of LED strips is attached to a rear door which opens/closes via LEGO hinge bricks.

Electrical power: 12VDC
LED strips: 16 feet (~5 meters)

-Baron von Brunk


"Illuminated Mosaic LEGO Spiritual Stone Lamp" - original LEGO creation and photos by Baron von Brunk.

Based on my popular mosaic Super Mario Bros. lamp from winter 2013, I made a slightly modified version of my own design — using an intricate new triangular fashion that employs LEGO hinge bricks, as well as a SNOT (studs not on top) pattern for the roof. The sprite patterns were designed by me, using images of the 3D game items as references.

Output power: 13 Watt, 880 Lumen 5,500K CFL bulb, candelabra base.

-Baron von Brunk


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Wind Waker icons


For anon, sorry these took so long!


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you don’t see it often but when you do, it’s fucking awesome.