This redditor is making Clock Town in Minecraft. Bless this man. 


awhile ago I made a replica of Dragon Roost Island in Minecraft, it turned out pretty cool. you can download it here.


Hide n’ Seek fairies from Oracle of Ages!

Ah I love them so much I think playing hide n seek was one of my favorite things from the game haha


HYRULECRAFT: The lands from Zelda: Ocarina of Time recreated in Minecraft.

Its not necessary to be a Minecraft player to enjoy things like this. The Castle and its garden, Kakariko Village, the Great Deku Three, the Lon Lon Ranch… everything recreated with the pixelated tridimensionality of Minecraft for your viewing pleasure and ready to be played. All the info about this magnificent work here!

thebatlair submitted


Hey you guys, I’m that guy that submitted the epic Minecraft Master Sword for the 25th Anniversary of LoZ. I got these off a link you posted to a new affiliate the other day and knew I wanted to do them as soon as i saw them. Relatively easy build only took me about an hour after I wrapped up a larger project I was working on.

Anyway, Love your guys’ blog, Love Legend of Zelda, keep the epic Zelda posts coming!

(Also for anyone interested in what that other “larger” project was, you should check it out here!! ——>

thebatlair submitted

I built this in Minecraft in 1 day, based off of a pixelated Master Sword I found. It took over 24,000+ blocks to construct and i had almost no help, except with the ditch we had to dig because it was too tall for the parameters of the world lol. I LOVE Zelda and I have since i was very little. The Master Sword is honestly my favorite symbol in the series, it just seems so powerful and pure in the face of all Evil. I Just thought this would be an appropriate way to show my fanboyism =)

Submitted by jeffsetsfire

My own rendition of Hyrule Castle in Minecraft.

Submitted by likeafawkes

My current Minecraft moon :D This is part of a Zelda texture pack. I’m not the creater of this texture pack and take no cradit for it, so I’m just gonna stick the download URL in here.

Submitted by the-fierce-deity

Minecraft Hyrule Market + Castle recreation.

This is what happens when I can’t sleep at 5am.

Thanks, Minecraft, for letting me create my own Zelda themed house!

Submitted by blindfantasy

Submitted by conkers

Something I made on ‘Minecraft' one afternoon. c: