My new hoodie arrived today!! It’s a little small, but it’s not a disaster.


NEW LOZ Light & Dark World full print skater dresses and leggings!

Available in sizes S-XXL. Also available in bodycon tank dress style. More designs coming soon. 

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What’s this? Legend of Zelda tote bags?!

Cross my heart containers, I do not lie.

You can get all of them here!


Fun fact: Did you know that the design of the Triforce is based on the crest of the Hojo clan, who were among the most powerful shogan of feudal Japan?

The symbol is called the Mitsu Uroko, “three scales” and represents three dragon scales left the Goddess Benzaiten, who gave the clan her blessing.

Pendant by Trinket Geek


I decided the earrings I made would look good as a pendant if I combined them into something similar, so I made a thing. Kinda reminds me of The Dark Side of the Moon, now that I look at it again. I swear I wasn’t thinking of that when I made this one!

Pendant by Trinket Geek


My Hero, My Princess pendants, perfect for the Zelda fan couple. ;)

These pendants always remind me of Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword, I love how Nintendo pushed them closer together in that game! :)

Pendants by Trinket Geek


Earrings of the three Golden Goddesses of the Zelda universe. Din, the Goddess of Power, Nayru the Goddess of Wisdom and Farore the Goddess of Courage.

Earrings by Trinket Geek


So, this is what I came up with.  The client direction was almost non-existent on this one, which is wildly different from most occurrences.  This ring is pretty unique, as it’s one of only two or three entries things I’ve shown here that I’ve made for a client.  It’s even more unique, as I was only given a picture of the crest itself, and a link to another jeweler that had done a Zelda motif on a engagement ring previously.  I was actually very familiar with the other jeweler’s work, and I was not about to lift a design from a fellow fan.  So, I spent a couple days thinking about this one, working out all the details, and sat down today to make it real.

The entirety of the ring is a homage to the Zelda series.  The entirety of the band is patterned in the style of the blade of the Master Sword, who’s pommel forms two of the prongs that secure the stone down.  The obvious Hylian Crest forms the other two prongs, and cradles the center stone.

And the stone itself?  A “Princess” cut.


These keys are boss!  Finally had a little free time, work has been swamped with…actual work.  So I decided to churn out some of the iconic keys from the last couple console Zelda’s, as pendants.  They’re relatively simple designs, but they did turn out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.


Alright, big update time!  I’ve uploaded the jewelery that I’ve made that is only composed of metal up on my Shapeways site.  This means you can buy them.  Right now!

Currently they’re only available in a couple sizes, but please, message me with what you need, and I’ll get them to the front of the line.  I’ll be rolling out different sizes over the next couple of days as well.  There’s a bunch of different materials, prices, and colors available, so you’re sure to find something that works.

I’d love to offer some of the other pieces, but those all require stones, and you can’t 3D print gemstones at this point in time.  Anyone interested in ordering one of *those*, just contact me here, and we’ll work something out.

But yea, right here:  And one of ‘em can be yours at the click of several buttons!


NEW at Much Needed Merch Legend of Zelda sculptures by Jorge Molina!

I have posted the Moon and Skull Kid sculpture before and I have a Ganondorf myself and I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Jorge’s work. It’s all hand crafted and painted, beautifully detailed, and worth every penny although it’s not as many pennies as you may think. 

Now you can pick up his fantastic works of art easily at Much Needed Merch! We have Ganondorf, Skull Kid with removable mask, Skull Kid on the Moon with LED glowing eyes and without. See each listing for price and turnaround time.

What’s your favorite? What would you like to see added from him? I personally want to consume…consume everything!

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NEW Mask In The Moon T Shirt!

Mens | Womens

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NEW Zelda Inspired Dresses!

Available in sizes S-XXL

Sheik | Toon Link

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muchneededmerch submitted

NEW Rito Delivery Crossbody Messenger Bags!

Small Large

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rachaelmakesshirts submitted:

It’s way better than Guinness. Rumor has it, it will fill 4 of your heart containers, but don’t injure yourself to find out.

Get it here!

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