NEW Zelda Inspired Dresses!

Available in sizes S-XXL

Sheik | Toon Link

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NEW Rito Delivery Crossbody Messenger Bags!

Small Large

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It’s way better than Guinness. Rumor has it, it will fill 4 of your heart containers, but don’t injure yourself to find out.

Get it here!

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Legend of Zelda Playing Cards - Up for sale now!!

You can buy the cards at my storenvy shop here

You can also buy prints, posters, phone cases, t-shirts, etc featuring these designs at my redbubble shop here

Thanks for any all and all support, and if you like these designs be sure to share them with your friends! 


I was going through my photos and realized I never posted this to my tumblr. The incredibly talented and super adorable Amanda Flagg sent my boyfriend and I these prints of her shirt design a little while ago! It looks like it’s still available over on NeatoShop :D


My new bag arrived today! My previous one (the one on the left) started falling apart, so I needed to get a new one. I tell ya’, transferring badges from one bag to another is quite the nuisance…


The Legend of Zelda strategy guide boxed set available for $79.99 at Best Buy.

This boxed set is on sale for $79.99 (50% off) in the USA right now at Best Buy, the set includes hardcover guides for:

Ocarina of Time 3D, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword

2-sided laser etched metallic bookmark with protective case, a chest box to store it all and a Individually numbered certificate of authenticity with a signature and message from Mr. Eiji Aonuma.

Get it at 

Best Buy
or Amazon


Triforce Silk Tie

Bring your Legend of Zelda fandom into the office or any formal occasion with the Tieforce from Level Up Studios



Don’t settle for boring couch pillows from Target. Spice up your living space with these Legend of Zelda and pixel inspired pillows from Lockhart Design for $20. 

If you love this pillows, check out Andrew Lockhart’s other wares at Rockhart Clothing such as Life Meter Shot Glasses and pixely good t-shirts


Was able to press up some more keychains these past couple of days. Here’s some of the Hyrule Shield, Loki’s helmet, and 2 Game of Thrones Houses. (Greyjoy and Baratheon) All pressed on vegan leather and tanned. I have them up and running in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested in purchasing one! Planning to make more this month!




Zelda 3DS XL Pouch by UraHameshi

Zelda 3Ds XL Pouch made by UraHameshi. Want to order something similar? Send us a message!


The Legend of Zelda Posters - Created by Dylan West

These posters are available for sale at Dylan’s Etsy Shop.

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Updated my shop with a new item! Chateau Romani: Vintage Milk



Custom Video Game Shoes

by Bobsmade || Website

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NEW 3D Link Costume T Shirts and Hoodies!

I felt it was time to update the old costume shirts and hoodies. Of course they are still available in a variety of colors like Goron Fire Red and Zora Water Blue. 

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