My latest and most wonderful amigurumi project, a life size Majora’s Mask. I’m really proud of the result and these photos don’t make enough justice of it. I’ve always had a unreasonable fascination with the MM design, so I guessed, now that I have enough skills, should give it a try.



go forth, hero!! :)

18”x24” poster available here!



moon-boots submitted


the best couple in Hyrule


25 Years by ~TheCuraga

Link sure is in a predicament.

imperfectmindandbody submitted

so, I saw this painting today while I was at school and almost had a heart attack. I don’t know the person who painted it, but the second I saw it I was in love. All hand painted too. Plus, it’s my 3 favourite Zelda games. Well, OoT is my top favourite obviously but these are the next 3 i love too. ANYWAYS, enjoy :3

Hyrulian History, a really good fanmade retelling

Submitted by mandyponderosa

I found this a while ago and kept meaning to submit it. Even though its most likely fanmade, I think its better than some of the canon histories. Enjoy.


Majora’s Wrath - WW Style

he looks like a plushie i want to squeeze him!!