Hah! Some legendary hero you are. Who’d believe you saved me from the evil king?

"Do you understand what you’re asking?  We’re pirates!  You know…PIRATES!  Terrors of the seas!"

"…But there’s another tale told by my people.  Though the goddesses forbade us to return to the world of light, they left one link between the light and the darkness.  Something called the Mirror of Twilight was passed down to the protectors of Hyrule."

"In light of these factors, the seal Zelda maintained through her agelong sleep is no longer necessary. My projections indicate she will wake momentarily. I advise you to make your way to the Sealed Temple as soon as possible.”

"…Seeing you wear this uniform, I can’t imagine a more fitting color for you.  It’s as though you were born to wear it."

"Hmm… You’re not too shabby a wrangler after all!"