"Let us exchange the promised masks."


If I reached for your hand… by ~scowlingelf


farore herself demanded Kafei, and who am I to deny a goddess? OHOHO but yes adult!Kafei again because I love him, starring Mikau because I like the idea that Kafei introduced their music to Termina and basically kickstarted their popularity (even though Mikau himself was a little unsure about it and his older bandmates strictly forbade it). Adult!Kafei’s sorta a little shit imo, like he gets what he wants and he knows how to force his ideas and basically rules the town and knows it - until of course he meets Anju who teaches him a thing or two about humility and hard work and he hops off his high horse a little and ALL THE CUTE THINGS ENSUE


“…Welcome home”

Anju, the Postman, and Anju’s Mother by youtube user MBulteau13

check out the wordpress @ and feel a bit happier about the things people are creating


So a while ago I bought a six picture frame piece for my wall, so I’ve decided to fill each frame with six of my all time favourite characters from anything. Here’s one of my top faves, Kafei from Majora’s Mask :)




My submission for GameCity’s ZeldaZine.

Alt. the first time a video game ever managed to make me cry.


Found this in a corner of my computer, taken a few years ago (Thanks Little_Marin) of Bonk and me as Kafei and Anju. :>