Say farewell to this beautiful land.


Welcome to Hyrule


Hyrulean Travel Posters

by Dean Walton

A new limited edition set of retro prints inspired by my all-time favourite places in Hyrule!  Now available in a range of sizes in poster or canvas form at GamerPrint.


Grab my Talons by =FantasticmissFox

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NEW! Legend of Zelda Fuck You I’m From Hyrule t shirt. Available in Mens and Womens sizes and a variety of colors.

Need I say more?

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Legend Of Zelda Keep Calm And Save Hyrule t shirts. Available in Mens and Womens sizes.

As per a followers request. Hope you like it. :)

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Found this today on and thought it as pretty cool. 

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Fan art I made. It’s a propaganda poster that might be found in the Hyrule market, but Ganondorf has clearly already taken over…


Hyrule map from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 

(From Nintendo Player’s Guide)

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Hyrule Castle, from A Link to the Past.

Western Hyrule in Adventure of Link

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Hyrule from the manual for The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link

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Birthday present to myself. Found it on

Never Forget Where You Came From - Hyrule Map Shirt

available on - clickthrough for the link!