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Hylian Shield Typography  - by legocodecracker

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Actual Hylian Font used in some of the games.

Hyrulian History, a really good fanmade retelling

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I found this a while ago and kept meaning to submit it. Even though its most likely fanmade, I think its better than some of the canon histories. Enjoy.

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My friend and I were passing notes in ancient hylian today <3

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"You are beautiful" written in modern Hyrulian.

My friend and I pass notes in Hylian.

Writing Systems of Hyrule

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Because of the question asking about the Hylian Alphabet, I decided to do some searching and this is what I found.

I chose to submit this as a text post because of the added information I can provide to the three scripts.

Hylian Alphabet

This is the first and only form of the Hylian script equipped to transcribe English. It first appeared in Twilight Princess. It is mirrored in the Wii version. If writing in the Gamecube script, it is read left-to-right like English. If writing in the Wii script it is read right-to-left like Hebrew or Arabic.

Old Hylian Syllabary

The Old Hylian Syllabary is what most people who grew up in the time of the N64 think of when they hear “Hylian Script.” It was engineered to transcribe Japanese and thus sentences should be constructed with Japanese vocabulary and syntax.

Also, it is important to note that the Old Syllabary does not indicate double consonants (for example, “I Won” (JPN: 勝った) would be written with the syllabary characters “Ka-Tsu-Ta” with no change in height. Another feature is that the iteration marks, the dakuten (tenten) and handakuten (maru) which make initial consonants voiced or plosive, respectively are not represented either.

New Hylian Syllabary

This is the syllabary found throughout the Wind Waker. It is similar to the Old Syllabary in that it transcribes Japanese, but the letterforms have been changed so they resemble the Katakana that they represent more closely. In this script, voiced and plosive markers ( ゛and ゜) are represented by two horizontal lines above a shortened character or a flattened rectangle above the shortened character, respectively. The double consonant is still not distinguished but can be read easily through context.

At each of the links there are links to pages where you can download fonts.

Rauru, the Sage of Light Stained Glass found in the basement of submerged Hyrule Castle in Wind Waker

Hylian Language Institute

follower pointed me in the direction of this awesome find!

Tell me, have you ever wished that Hylian language was real? Ever wanted to learn how to speak it? Write/type it? Now you can with, with this Hylian Language Institute!

With two downloadable fonts, an alphabet, and the parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns). There’s even numbers, and common expressions, and some Hylian literature. But wait, to help you, there’s the Hylian dictionary.

So if you want to nerd out, and be the coolest person at school speaking the best language check out this website. Explore, enjoy and mostly, have fun!

Let me know if you try this out and how it’s going for you! You can reply to this post to make it simple.