If I was a stray fairy I would be pretty fucking terrified to see Link wearing that mask


My Great Fairy cosplay, with my boyfriend as Link for Aki Con. This was really fun! :D


Great Fairy - The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda- The Great Fairy


Fairies healing injured Link.


The great fairy of more than just magic mefinks

spaghettigentlemen submitted: 

Wind Waker Great Fairy brought to you by Spaghetti Gentlemen

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Much love


Great Fairy Fountain Theme


Great Fairy Redesign: Finished!!

Alright, guys! My first digital piece completely finished that I did all by myself!!

The Great Fairy in the N64 Zelda games — such a great possibility of a great character, and yet she looks so scary (in my opinion). So I wanted to do a redesign of this character.

My two main inspirations for this are woodcut (for my line quality) and Art Nouveau (One of my favorite styles, if you couldn’t tell). Specifically Mucha, and even more specifically, his painting “Dance.”

I have a blog where I post a lot of my work in progress. If you care to follow it, it’s at