Golden Goddesses by ~kGoggles

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the three goddesses

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Golden Goddesses by HaruFREAK

Submitted by lichu

My Zelda 25th Anniversary Tribute! This was my mandala project that I did in my color and design class. I wanted to do something that I would enjoy working on and that I would keep for myself. I lost about 2 nights of sleep on it.

I always wanted to do something with the 3 Goddesses, and originally I wanted to paint something digitally…but this turned out better. Painted using an Art Nouveau style. I didn’t use any references, I just kinda winged the bodies and the fabric while sitting in class. I wanted each Goddess to have different facial features as well as their hair.

I added closeups of the goddesses in this upload.

Total hours - 25+
Medium - Gouache
Size - 10x10 painting. Illustration board is 15x20 with a black matte.

Sorry for the watermarks.
I am offering the Mandala (circle) part as a High Quality Professional Print on an 11x17 heavy weight Epson Matte paper for $35. The Mandala on the print would be 10x10. Black frame mat board not included.

Check out the youtube in progress video!


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Nayru the Goddess of Wisdom

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