it is time for you to choose: surrender or die.

Let’s go Link! For Zelda! For all of this world!


Zelda GIF Challenge:  [2/3] Favorite Cutscenes → Link Meets The Queen of Fairies 

"Tee hee hee!  Tell me, little boy…  Can you control the wind?  Hee hee!  So young, to have such power…  How did you know to find me here?  I am the queen of the fairy world!  What is the matter, my child?  Does that not surprise you?  Young one…  I like you."

"Princess!  You’re safe!"

"Impa,  forgive me for not telling you."

Come on! Let’s go check out the festival together! Master Smith already gave me permission to take you!


"The song you just conducted is one which will open the eyes of the new sage and awaken within that sage the melody that will carry our prayers to the gods."

Next, we need to—