Restock: Boss & Small Key Chains!

Two of our most popular Zelda-inspired items are back in stock! You can get the Boss & Small Key Chains separately, or in a set to save a little money~


I’m blaming QuestionMarkBlock for this. :P I do love a puzzle and I’m currently lacking in crochet projects.

Got a little bit side-tracked while trying out his Triforce tutorial. Started with Triforce, ended with Rupee. :D


My friend got me this lighter for Christmas!:)


Super easy! I may write the pattern up, I made a couple Animal Crossing bell bags too.


I just opened up my belated Christmas present from my best friend and wow do I feel spoiled. An awesome, framed picture of Wolf Link and Midna from Twilight Princess that she did and the Boss Key chest made from a 3D printer. I am absolutely in love with the Boss chest!

Another incredibly awesome friend just happened to give me a Boss Key necklace that’s pictured for Christmas and as you can see, the Boss Key Chest is a nice safe place to keep it along with my heart piece necklace.


As part of my Christmas presents to my boyfriend, I made him three boxes for his magic cards/decks. He’s been getting really into magic and needed a place to keep his cards. The top one is a custom deck box that holds two decks + game counters. The two in the bottom picture are larger ones to store some of his cards. They were all modeled after Zelda treasure chests!


Loving my new backpack


Welcome back Mr. Hero! He’s showing off his money bag ;)

Finally finished him. He took about 10 hours to make. I should keep track next time… I hope you all like him!




Classic link apparently wears a speedo


Another thing I plan on making: Morths from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It’ll probably take a lot of work, but I’d like to make it work out! In any case, I think it’d be really cool to put velcro strips on them, and sell them with accompanying opposite velcro strips. With the right materials, I might be able to produce these cheaply enough to sell, but regardless, I’d love to be at a con and see a bunch of people running around with these stuck to them. :3 Hopefully they’re popular enough.



Who here loves The Legend of Zelda?! Well I’m a fan ^o^ and I’ve been doing a few necklaces for my first event and most probably I’ll be selling them also in my little online store ;3 Let see!


Links awakening was one of the first video games I played on the gameboy. One of my favourites in the Zelda series so I wanted to make some Link and Marin gloves for me.


Hey all you Zelda Fans! Ive added a new item to my shop and it isn’t hair bows this time. Recently I’ve designed some rupee shaped cushions and have decided to share them with the world in hopes to save up some money for college next fall. 

Check it out here

Each pillow will cost $30 plus shipping and are currently available in green, blue, and red. I will also be giving $15 off to whoever wants to order all three for a total of $75 instead of $90. (Any combo of colors will get you that deal actually as long as you’re buying 3 pillows.) Just enter the coupon code 15OFF at checkout. 

I don’t know how popular this will be so I’ve decided to open up 10 pre-order slots which will be shipped no later than the 28th of January (likely sooner). If they go quickly and you weren’t able to get one but are still interested please, please, please send me a message here on tumblr or email me at  I will make a waiting list and the next slots I open will be for you.

Also if this goes well I will likely be inclined to also make them in purple, orange, silver, and black (maybe yellow).  If that is something you are interested in, again please message me or email me so i know the what the demand for those colors are.

Get yours here!

P.S. I apologize for the poor quality photos. Where I live right now it has been raining nonstop so its hard to get good light and a place to photograph them. I should have better photos soon!

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NEW Zelda’s Bed Set!
It’s cosplay for your bed. We also have Link’s bed set too!

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Circus leader’s mask