Last Future Ganon

The Zelda timeline is such a talked about thing I though why not have that as a basis for a new story, or rather, the last story.

Last Future Ganon is the original Ganon (hence the white beard) reborn. He’s travelling through the Zelda timeline destroying each and every Hero Link, collecting all of their skulls and hats as trophies.

The power of the Seven Sages from each realm are collected and embedded into his arm along with any trinkets.

This is the end. This is Last Future Ganon.


I’m being photobombed by Tingle (and Navi in the very back), but this is the best full picture of my costume from Halloween.


Added hair and tusks and a strap so I can actually wear it.
I decided against the ears, it just looked too busy.

I won’t have complete costume pictures until after Halloween.


I AM GOING TO BE GANON ocarina of time version FOR HALLOWEEN

Making a mask for it. Of course he is going to have tusks and horns and ears and hair and all that oh my gosh he’s going to be beautiful.


Link and Ganon lock horns.


Ganon reveals himself to Link beneath the corrupted Temple of Light.


Progress so far.
Artist: Mike Parsons of Riverview Florida


ganon with his silghtly crooked  horns


Final Battle by ~thatSanj


Ganon Revived

13x22 Screen Print

This is the sister screen print to the majora’s mask one I made. I personally think this one turned out a lot better

Unlike the last one I will not be selling this one online but rather in a one day pop up store called Forthmade. For more details about the store see here.

nathaelle submitted

(not mine)

I wanted to conciliate the interest of the anon and the subject of this tumblr. Here you go anon !

Ganon Style by *MichaelMayne


Legend of Zelda by Jazzmincat