Barinade! by *JasperSandner


Thrill Seeker… by ~raekile2


The LEGO Skulltula - does it not frighten you and fill you with awe!?

Lately I decided to shift gears a bit and go from doing Mario to Zelda themes in my work. A forthcoming project of mine shall be a large Deku Tree replica, which will be a multi-level playset, kind of like a Mighty Max toy. On the bottom of the playset will be a boss — and this Skulltula was originally intended to be the it! I wanted the Skulltula to be much smaller, and perhaps to make several to place throughout the Deku Tree dungeon, but unfortunately I had to sacrifice the compact size for greater detail. Henceforth, the Skulltula you see is rather large and would be too big to put in the 48x48 wide Deku Tree diorama (unless I pass it off as being some kind of colossal mutant Skulltila or whatnot — and somehow cram it in there).

I built this just a few hours ago, and photographed it with my Sony camera and light tent. Be on the lookout for more Zelda-themed projects, notably the Deku Tree with an array of Kokiri kid minifigures!

-Baron von Brunk


Gohma by ~TheJFP

Poe by Arnaud de Vallios


Post-Apocalypse Zelda, Part 1

Something of a personal project, I’ve wanted to do a sort of Future Zelda for some time now, and school tossed this assignment my way: redesign an old video game.

I’ve always wondered what Hyrule would be like in some strange, parallel, bombed out universe, and this is my exploration into that land over the course of 7 weeks. This is part 1 of 2 parts, showing the various character and monster designs I decided to work with. Part 2 will contain more developmental pieces, including some of the environments and props.

Some notes:

For the most part, I tried to stay true to the already established universe, keeping in mind certain mechanics and plot points. Deciding on the enemy selection was difficult: there are many, many signature enemies in the games, and I would have liked to work with all of them. In the end I settled on enemies that had the most impact on me, either through nostalgia (like the Octorok) or gameplay experience (Redeads).

If you’ve got any questions, whether in general or on specific pieces, criticisms, or are curious on my thought process, feel free to drop me a message.

TwinRova Collab. by ~xRampageX

Phantom Ganon by Arnaud de Vallois




I started rushing this at the end I don’t know whatever okay

Ink and Watercolors, scanned in and some quick photoshop magic