by kanotynes


batch of babies for a 30 day zelda challenge thing

hero-squad submitted

Crocheted deku mask, made in the time I should have spent studying for finals


Deku Shrub Box by *egyptianruin

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Hyrulian History, a really good fanmade retelling

Submitted by mandyponderosa

I found this a while ago and kept meaning to submit it. Even though its most likely fanmade, I think its better than some of the canon histories. Enjoy.


The Lost Son

Deku Princess


i didn’t sleep and i’m watching liam’s majora’s mask livestream and i made this

OKAY ELISE MADE THE ORIGINAL GIF AKA THE ZELDA GIF MASTER i just did the stupid photoshopping oh my god what is my brain right now askjdaskl


“Actually, when I see you, I am reminded of my son who left home long ago… Somehow, I feel as if I am once again racing with my son… I am afraid I may have tried too hard to outrun you. As old as I am, I am still a fast competitor. Just like when I raced my son… Please forgive my rudeness.”
— Deku Butler

Which Mask to Wear