Zelda Triforce Cake - Take 2 by *MetalMushroom

Oh God I want you so bad. 


Okay I don’t even give a fuck that it wasn’t perfect. This was the best cake ever for my 18th birthday.

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This was my birthday cake for my “Sweet 16.” It was almost too beautiful to eat. 

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A Hylian Shield cake I baked out of boredom :)

miss-katielady submitted

This is my cousin’s birthday cake! I thought it was pretty awesome, so here!


Mia’s wedding cake!

Wish I wasn’t rushed.


Majora’s Mask birthday cake for me! :)


zelda cake

For my 21st birthday my two best friends surprised me with a zelda triforce cake. Each triangle was colored inside to represent power, wisdom and courage. It was also dusted with gold sparkles to make it shine in the light.

It was beautiful and amazing and very delicious.

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Cake my mother made with Link in the center, the sage medallions bordering the upper tier, master sword + pedestal on top, trifroce pieces in the ocean etc. Yes, it’s all edible.

This is the cake we had at our wedding, when it came time to cut the cake the groom actually pulled the master sword out of the top to cut it :)

Awww, little faeries attached to wires around the (maybe) Deku Tree! Groom wielding the master sword instead of a knife! More couples united in holy nerdtrimony! This cake’s ingredients must be a few cups of flour, sugar, and a few more of win.

I don’t know if I ever submitted this picture but this is my 15th birthday cake and it was delicious. C:

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My chocolate mud cake with edible Triforce :3 It was pretty good.

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My sister and I got this cake as a surprise for our birthday last year- it was awesome! :)

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My best friends Suzanne and Nestor baked me this for my birthday today :3