Anonymous asked:
Hyrule Warriors ain't even out yet and you're posting spoilers? really? This is why I hate tumblr.

They’re tagged. We’re only reblogging. Other people are making gifs as well… everyone has things tagged with some sort of spoiler tag anyway. They are from videos being released. What do you expect? 

Anonymous asked:
Something I didn't realize about tumblr blacklist for a long time was that there's a setting to allow you to see all tags on a blocked post! That way if something is tagged hyrule warriors and spoilers, you'll know exactly what the spoiler is for! This is especially helpful for those that don't mind spoilers for games that they've had the chance to play or whatever

True. People can blacklist Hyrule Warriors if they don’t want to see anything from it then it’s no different than whatever kind of spoiler tag someone wants.

Anonymous asked:
can you please tag your hyrule warriors spoilers as 'hw spoilers'? :) thank you!

umm…i tag them as “spoilers”. no offense, but just blacklist that. i’m not going to change the spoiler tag just for you. if you use blacklist then simply add spoilers instead.

sylvean asked:
Who are shia and lana? I've never seen them before

They are new characters for the upcoming new game, “Hyrule Warriors" Check out the tag if you’re curious about it.

tayloraustinc asked:
okay so i've been a long time follower, really i'm NOT one those ppl really taking it to heart that you reblog My little pony n those kinda things, The other Admin Expressing there interest's on this blog, Let's face it as a LOZ fan we really dont' have much to go with. I find it really stupid that if u reblog a "Hello Kitty" post and everyone get's mad at you for doing such? Get a grip it's more then one person running this. Don't hate on this blog It's still LOZ. ppl need to relax.

Wait…what? I’m sorry but I’m confused by this? I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about. 😖

moonb0rn asked:
So I didn't follow you before (because I had no idea this beautiful blog even existed) & I see one of your posts on my dash as recommended & I'm so happy that happened because I absolutely love your blog!!

Awww glad that you stumbled on here then! :) Thank you!!!

Anonymous asked:
I've been seeing super hq gifs of something that kinda seems like a cartoon? I mean not the old one, an actual new badass cartoon of the legend of zelda. Is there such a thing?

Possibly this? It’s for Super Smash Bros!

Anonymous asked:
Hello! Hope I'm not bothering you. I happen to have a few Link drawings on my tumblr and I was wondering if it would be in bad taste to submit that art to you guys? I recently found this blog and was thinking it might be nice to share some things ;w; Of course if the quality is not high enough and things like that, it's totally understandable *w* Anyways, again I hope I' m not bugging you, and thanks for reading this!

Of course, submissions are always welcome! They might not be posted right away, but I’ll usually publish them!

graphite0 asked:
It's incredible how someone who uses tumblr can still expect that everything should be tailored to their every whim. I absolutely agree with you, if you still don't know how a game from nearly 6 months ago ends than it's no one's fault but your own...

You’re right. We don’t have to tag spoilers at all but we will for the first month or so, no problem! Sometimes we forget. No one should be called out because they don’t tag spoilers. Sometimes other people need to take their own precautions as well. Scroll past the gifs, don’t read them. Block the other tags. We tag by game!!! Tagging is already hectic enough at times. I hope in time everyone will get the chance to play games they haven’t been able yet, but we’re not going to be responsible for spoiling others when we tag by game. It shouldn’t matter if it’s tagged spoiler or not since there are other tags that can be blocked. /sigh 

Anonymous asked:
I know this isnt super Zelda related, but if anyone is buying Mario Kart 8 on Wii U when it comes out, you can receive Wind Waker HD for free by registering your MK8 on Club Nintendo. :)

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous asked:
It's incredible how such a popular Zelda blog still can't understand the concept of tagging spoilers.

Actually, I understand the concept of tagging spoilers very well. A Link Between Worlds has been out for how long now? I’m very sorry if you haven’t had the chance to play it yet, really I am, but guess what? I haven’t had the chance to play it yet either. I can’t always tag every spoiler. It’s been out for several months now. When Skyward Sword came out we tagged spoilers for only the first month or so. This game has been out since November/December…I don’t know what else to say. You can block “a link between worlds” and it’s still going to block it if you use blacklist, so why does it matter if it’s tagged spoiler or not when you could just block the game title. If you are referring to something else…I guess I’m sorry as well.

Anonymous asked:
Hello! I was wondering if I could get your advice. I want to buy a new Zelda game, either A Link Between Worlds or Wind Waker HD. I've only ever played Ocarina of Time 3D and really enjoyed it. I'm wondering which one will be more worthwhile for me given these criteria: challenging boss fights, challenging dungeons, fun side quests (like the biggoron sword in Ocarina), and a good story. I really appreciate any decision-making help you can give me. Thank you :)

I haven’t had the chance yet to play A Link Between Worlds since my brother is still playing it. Wind Waker seems to be a popular favorite for many, myself included so I would recommend that regardless because it’s such a beautiful game.

Anonymous asked:
You've been making more tagging errors lately than usual I'm starting to question if you even know your games. I'm unfollowing goodbye.


lenorasol asked:
You should just tag literally everything with bongo bongo for a while. Just until April Fool's Day is over.

hahahah that would be entertaining

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apparently not because i get 10 messages about any mistake made :(