Made with plaster, clay, shitloads of duct tape and fucktons of trial and error.

i’m actually astounded that it’s symmetrical. but i’m proud of it. :D


Okay guys, so i don’t like posting a lot of my artwork, but i’m very happy and proud of this!.

This is the Hylian shield symbol. <3

Tell me what you think?


more zeldas



Majora’s Mask Clock Tower!
I took a nice picture of it today for your viewing pleasure. I made this 100% out of cardboard, paint, and styrafoam (for the heart, moon, and orange balloon)
The clock has a working time peice too, so that’s pretty cool.


dathylianbitch submitted

My triforce that I made out of glass :)

aubrieisabadass submitted

My Ceramics 2 project, Hylian Shield! Took me almost three weeks to finish it.


Nintendo Reveals Legend of Zelda Artbook - Prepare Yourselves, Zelda Fans

Yes, Zelda fans. Your dreams have finally come true. Nintendo has revealed on their Japanese site that they are releasing an official Legend of Zelda artbook.

The book, called Hyrule Historia, will have 274 pages of concept art and some in-depth information on the Zelda series. Let’s hope this isn’t a Japan-only thing!

(via: Zelda Universe)

kerryiskrabby submitted

Made Majora’s mask in pottery class. Making other LoZ related pottery very soon.

nintendoboy submitted

The most awesome thing I’ve seen in Nintendo World! First thing I saw outside Nintendo World were these glass wall dividers with Link on them in different posed!


The Zelda painting is complete, here’s a teaser. For the Tribute to Video Games show at G1988. Prints will be available. Stay tuned.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Chalk Art Time Lapse

Artist Eric Maruscak creates a chalk mural at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con for the 25th Anniversary of Zelda with this “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” artwork for Nintendo. The mural measured 9 feet tall by 12 feet wide and took almost 33 hours to complete over the four days of the show. To see more illustrations, cartoons, chalk art and time lapse videos, check out Eric’s site at

Submitted by mimicupcake

This is one of the models I made for my art exam which had a Zelda theme

So this is Link and Epona, handmade from wire, foil and polymer clay, and hand painted with acrylic paints c:

Submitted by dylanmartin

My physical Majora’s Mask that I did in Ceramics.

Master Sword on a wall mural

Submitted by duncesanddramas

Back in elementary school I participated in this enrichment studies thing at Queen’s University.  In the program I was in (Fine Arts), our project was to draw this massive mural with a whole bunch of other people.  We were drawing sketches and the professor chose the one she liked the best.  For some reason, she liked my sketch of the Master Sword.  I seriously doubt she knew where it came from and that I just doodled it for the hell of it. So now there’s a giant Master Sword somewhere smack dab in the middle of a mural at a Canadian university I don’t even go to.  Pretty cool.

It’s kind of lopsided, but this was over a metre big and I didn’t have a ruler, so I suppose it didn’t turn out too terribly.  The blade is too short though, but I wasn’t very good at drawing back then.

Here’s a picture of almost all of the mural.  There was nowhere in the room that could take a picture of the entire thing, serious.

Here’s a picture with somebody standing on the incomplete mural, just so you can have a sense of how large it is.

I’m not sure if the mural is still up in the university somewhere, but if it is, I hope I made some Zelda fans happy.  Who knew a bored sketch would lead to something like this, eh?