newjerseykeepmybones-deactivate asked:
Do you know what the hell that guy in kakariko village is doing? I spent my entire childhood trying to figure it out and still can't understand as an adult.

(From this)

Clearly going insane because no one wants to sell anything to him by using C, therefore spends his time all day long sitting on his knees patting his legs until they’ve got raw. Or perhaps he thinks it’ll get by-passers attention or something. “Hey look at me, I can pat my legs with my hands, isn’t that such a talent! Will you sell me something?” Maybe this is his way to cure boredom and he hears music inside his head that he has to keep the beat to. Lazy bum ought to get a job instead of begging, no one wants to sell you anything.

In truth, I have no idea, anyone else’s guess is as good as mine.