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Princess Agitha by ~HarajukuNinja

I think this was my favorite photo of me in my Agitha costume… I like how the colors came out. It looks like I was outside the castle market area…^_^!


(( Hylians are so mainstream. Bugs are more underground.

WELP. Hipster Agitha! I did it, and I have every intention to do it again (probably not til it’s warm out so I can actually go outside with this dress, haha) and I’m probably going to make adjustments to it in that time. I might even get her a wig of her own instead of just tossing Jirachi’s wig into pigtails and calling it a day. :>

I added the closeup of the necklace cos I made it special for this and I actually like how it turned out. It was simple to make and fun to paint. :> ))

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New remix! Hope you Enjoy it :3

Agitha and Link :’)

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obviously im going to draw agitha soon cuz im pulling these random pics of her from danbooru for reference…