"I MUST have the spirit maiden in order to resurrect my master!  I MUST HAVE HER!"



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"I… I have to go.  I’m sorry, Link."

"In light of these factors, the seal Zelda maintained through her agelong sleep is no longer necessary. My projections indicate she will wake momentarily. I advise you to make your way to the Sealed Temple as soon as possible.”

"…Seeing you wear this uniform, I can’t imagine a more fitting color for you.  It’s as though you were born to wear it."

"Extraordinary.  You stand as a paragon of your kind, human.  You fight like no man or demon I have ever known.  Though this is not the end.  My hate…never perishes.  It is born anew in a cycle of no end!  I will rise again!"

"You know, Link, seeing as how you won today… And with the weather being so nice… You think maybe you’d like to, you know, go fly around the clouds together?"

"This particular trial, Farore’s Silent Realms, tests the limit of your courage."

"It’s best for everyone if you forget about your friend.The little goddess is mine now!”