Happy birthday skull-kid-of-termina!

"The power of the mask made him do it.  It was too much for the Skull Kid to handle."

"Just watch him!  He’s probably causing trouble around the clock tower."

"Awwh, boo-hoo.  Why the sad face?"

Skull Kid - Is that what happens to kids who get lost in the forest? He might be our friend if we do something...


'Triforce Tribute' by Mikey Mann


"Follow along with our song on your ocarina..."


The power of the mask made him do it.

I rediscovered an old Majora’s Mask remix album created by one of my favorite remix artists Theophany. Majora’s Mask is probably my favorite LoZ of all time, and so when I found this album I wanted to create some fanart to go along with it. 

I liked the sketchy quality of the doodle but I will probably paint this, too.


Finally made some progress. Going to get the other piece done by mid this week. ;)

I <3 The Legend of Zelda and even more skull kid.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it!