spirit. by briative


A little fun with my new sketchbook.


Nabooru Sage of Spirit | Alamino


Gerudo Fighter by Gold-copper

The six sages from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in a new arrangement based on the Legend of Zelda music.



Nabooru of the desert by =Eroticatyphon

“Kid, let me thank you. Heheheh… look what the little kid has become in the past seven years— a competent swordsman! By the way… I really messed up… I was brainwashed by those old witches and used by Ganondorf to do his evil will… But isn’t that funny? That a person like me could turn out to be the Sage of Spirit! And now, I’m going to fight them as one of the six Sages! Heh heh… I’m going to pay them back for what they did to me! Kid… No… Link, the Hero of Time! Instead of keeping my promise I made back then, I give you this Medallion!” — Nabooru (via noerbmu)

lostinshadows submitted

Since my concept sketch for this contest artwork got reblogged in here I thought of putting up the finished one as well, I just felt nearly embarrassed with that crappy rough sketch getting reblogged several times while I never knew whether these rebloggers even knew the finished one.

I hope that’s alright!  You may see the whole entry list for the Zelda Fanart Contest right here .

Gerudo Festival ~ Dagronrat on deviantart