LATEST FUCKYEAHLINK SURPRISE! | The Legend of Zelda word pronunciation challenge!

In short, since it’s explained in the video. This has been in the works for a while now, since the 25th Anniversary, we just got around to it though sadly, and after seeing a smaller list going around, we really wanted to get ours up and running, it’s now complete and ready for you! After you watch this, we would like for everyone to take part and make a video or audio post of themselves pronouncing these words. Not everyone pronounces words the same way, so we’re curious on how everyone else says some of these words! *Note: There is no right or wrong way to say these words particularly, unless of course, you’re completely butchering them. We hope you take the time to watch this all, I’m sorry it’s long, but most of the duration is of us saying the actual words, there is three of us, after all. As you can see there is video time progression below the list of words, if you care to skip straight to the main part, which we hope you don’t. But in any case, here it is! Please take part, and tag your post so we can see, tags we will check, we’ve tagged on here, so use something along those lines, please, or simply tag us, fuckyeahlink! If you’re going to do it on youtube and not link it on tumblr, you can make it as a response video to ours or something. Feedback is welcome, if you are so inclined. We hope you enjoy this video, made by your own – Farore!

Anju | Aryll | Bazaar | Bellum | Biggoron Sword | Blizzeta | Bombchu | Cojiro | Cremia | Cucco | Dampé | Darunia | Deity Link | Deku | Din | Dodongo | Epona | Farore | Ganondorf | Gerudo | Gohma | Goht | (Lake) Hylia | Hylian | Hyrule | Igos du Ikana | Ilia | Impa | Ingo | Jabu-Jabu | Kaepora Gaebora | Kafei | Kakariko | Keese | Koholint (Island) | Kokiri | Kotake | Koume | Lanayru | Majora | Malo | Malon | Manhandla | Marin | Midna | Morpheel | Nabooru | Navi | Nayru | Ocarina | Odolwa | Oocoo | Rauru | Ruto | Sahasrahla | Saria | Sheik/Sheikah | Skeldritch | Skulltula | Tael | Talo | Talon | Tarin | Tatl | Telma | Termina | Tetra | Tingle | Twinrova | Vaati | Volvagia | Yeta | Yeto | Zant | The Indigo-Go’s: Lulu, Evan, Mikau, Japas, Tijo, Toto

00:00 – 2:27 Introductions and explanations.
2:28 – 11:31 Word pronunciations from each of us and final closing explaining, that we want you all to reblog this – take part in this and pronounce the words yourself on video and tag the video with ‘fyl word pronunciation video’ or something along those lines so we can see your video or audio post, please!
11:32 – 15:02 Bonus: Blooper Reel. :)

Thank you for your time, and once again, enjoy! We hope you’re having a wonderful day!

* We will link this post onto our main page, so you can have the list to look back on for future reference.

Farore, Din & Nayru

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