Day 2: What game would you consider to be your favorite, why? When did you first play this game? (gif via Nayru)

I have, and I always will consider Ocarina of Time to be my absolute favorite. Everything about this game just grabbed my attention from the get-go. It was the first game I had beat on my own without anyones help, and as mentioned in Day 1, it was the game that really got me into the whole series in general. Ocarina of Time was the first game to make me feel all sorts of emotions. Those moments after each mini-boss and big bosses, I can’t even describe the pace at which my heartbeat would pound after beating them. Its story captivated me, and in that moment, I knew that I had to set out on a mission to become the Hero of Time and fulfill my destiny. I took it very seriously as a kid playing it for my first time in 1998 at the age of eight. I felt so attached to so many characters of the game, and I wished that it existed in the real word, and to this day I still find myself living in escapism and imaging what it would be like. It was all because of this game. Every time I re-play the game (now) I still feel like I did when I was eight, and although I now know it back and forth with my eyes closed, there’s still the element of surprise when I beat certain enemies the first go around. I’m always still just as excited and I place myself in Link’s shoes and tell myself: “Okay, let’s go save Hyrule you’re the Hero of Time, you can do it!” There’s not a greater feeling for me in the series than beating Ganon at the end. And the final credit’s are just so – you want to continue playing forever. This game is very near and dear to my heart for many reasons and I am so very grateful to have received this game. Had I never played it, my love for the series may never have been.

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    Nostalgia. When I think about those unforgettable memories I get happy and sad. I need a Time Machine ASAP!
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    I remember this feeling. I still have it.
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    basically my exact stance on the issue of ‘best zelda game’
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    sorry, I wanted the gif
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    AMEN to that!!! I had zelda for my nes since I got I when I was 4 and never played it (mainly as it was far to hard for...
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