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Hyrule Warriors; Ganondorf DLC Icons (+ HW Ganondorf)

"All right!  Fine!  Have it your way!  We can leave town tomorrow, you big babies."

"Looks…good enough, I suppose.  Now let’s go before the guards find us!"

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"OOOF!  OUCH!  WHAT’S GOING ON?!  Look who it is, falling out of the sky ON MY HEAD!"

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 ”I grant you a soldier who has no heart. One who will not falter in the darkness.”

Hyrule Warriors Treasures

Anonymous asked:
Something I didn't realize about tumblr blacklist for a long time was that there's a setting to allow you to see all tags on a blocked post! That way if something is tagged hyrule warriors and spoilers, you'll know exactly what the spoiler is for! This is especially helpful for those that don't mind spoilers for games that they've had the chance to play or whatever

True. People can blacklist Hyrule Warriors if they don’t want to see anything from it then it’s no different than whatever kind of spoiler tag someone wants.

The tag “spoilers” coming from THIS BLOG is only going to be from Hyrule Warriors or the new Zelda wii-u game

If you use blacklist and are concerned about spoilers from these games and that a general “spoilers” tag will block anything tagged with that and you may not know what you’re clicking on, if you have the option set to show when a post is blocked you will see what blog it’s from. If it is from this blog, then simple as that, if you don’t want to be spoiled, do not click because it it will be a Zelda post, not something unrelated.

I will not be making a separate hw spoiler tag when the spoilers tag has been in use for some time now and we’ve had no complaints about it until now. Blacklist Hyrule Warriors, because that is tagged as well. 

meajoraswrath replied to your post: anonymous said:can you please tag…

but then if someone else were to tag spoilers for something else it would just blacklist everything? Idk I don’t really care either way I don’t use blacklist. But if someone’s trying to blacklist hw specifically then just #spoilers doesn’t help??

thewintersoldierswarpaint said: Then you’d literally blacklist everything tagged with spoilers… And If you click it to show it you don’t know if it’s gonna be HW or something completely unrelated.

okay, but it’s still a spoiler either way, if a person has the option to set it where you can see something has been blocked and it’s coming from this blog then it’s going to be hyrule warriors. tags are already tedious and that’s the set tag. i’m not going to change/add an additional spoiler tag. i’m sorry.

Anonymous asked:
can you please tag your hyrule warriors spoilers as 'hw spoilers'? :) thank you!

umm…i tag them as “spoilers”. no offense, but just blacklist that. i’m not going to change the spoiler tag just for you. if you use blacklist then simply add spoilers instead.


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